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May 22, 2020
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Making Your Own Dog Treats

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Raising a dog is both expensive and fulfilling, as others would say it; it's like having your own kid. Once you get a dog, you can't just throw him away if you can't keep up with the mess and the cost. Dog treats were made for dogs so we have a way of pampering and giving them awards if they have done something right. It's like giving your kid a toy and ice cream. However their costs are really high and as much as we want to give our dogs everyday treats, we just can't afford it. There is a way to overcome that, why not make your own dog food and treats? It will be easy and fun!

With a base of plain yogurt you can mix in any of your dog's favorite flavors to make frozen treats for your dog. Try mixing a little peanut butter with the plain yogurt and filling an ice cube tray with the mixture and allow it to freeze. These frozen little gems are perfect for cooling down your dog on a hot summer day. You can also try mixing a drop or two of spearmint with the yogurt and freeze to make breath mints for the pup with halitosis.

Nuritional Value
Of course you want best for your four-legged best friend but are you sure that those expensive treats are the best? Furthermore, some of them are simply unhealthy for your dog, you can never be sure. Now if you make your own dog treats, you'll know exactly what's in them. You can customize and you will be sure that your treats are the best.

Practice with several different flavors and bases until you find your pup's favorites. You may be surprised when he or she actually prefers carrots over anything else. You can even give your dog a whole carrot to use as a very chewy treat. Of course every dog is different, and so is their taste, so be patient. You can try the flavors before you make them into treats to be sure he or she will like them if you prefer.

* Aside from treats, why not make your own dog food? You can actually get some left over crock pot meat and mix it with flour; you can choose to make cookies from them or loaf bread. Your dog will love his own flavored bread.
* You can also familiarize yourself on of the hundreds of slow cooker recipes to make some delicious dog food. The internet has so many resources that you can use. Try video tutorials too to see how a recipe or a treat is being done.

Being able to make this dog treats can be a great past time and stress reliever. You can save money, make your dog happy and if luck has it, this can be a new business waiting to be discovered.


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