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October 8, 2020
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Most Important Email Features

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Determining which features of email are the most important for your business or company will allow you to make a much more informed decision when it comes to choosing a service provider for your email needs. Here is a look at some of the most important features that your email service provider should offer in order for your company to benefit.

- Quality Virus and Spam Filtering. Because as much as 95% of the email floating around is junk mail or spam, having a quality filter to protect against spam and virus-laden email is vitally important for your business. Your email service provider should have experience handling potential threats and a solid filter for removing them.

- Web mail, POP and IMAP Access. Reputable email service providers will offer all three of the most common methods of accessing email, which are POP access, IMAP access and Web mail access.

- Technical Support Live - If your employees need to be able to speak to a real person for the purpose of technical support, then working with an email service provider that offers live support is vitally important.

- Email Forwarding. Email forwarders can be used to send email to another account for an original account. Email forwarders should be capable of being set up for common misspellings of names, for generic departmental emails and if an employee leaves the company and would like to have their email messages forwarded to a new account for example.

- Email Groups. Email groups are collections of user accounts that receive email messages from common email accounts. Email groups can be used to send department wide announcements, to send support emails and to reach out to groups of employees working on special projects.

- Domain Mirrors. Domain mirrors are designed to be set up so that they automatically sync emails with matching user names even when the domain names are different. In other words, and can be mirrored to one another. This will allow you to use domain names that have different top levels, to use different websites and also to make use of common misspellings for a primary domain.

- Shared Calendars. This is a great feature if you can find it because it allows you to share a single calendar among numerous users to prevent conflicts in scheduling, to notify employees about notable dates and events and to keep track of special dates, deadlines, milestones and so on.

- Shared Contacts. Sharing contacts is another useful characteristic of business email because it makes it easier for your employees to obtain the pertinent details for contacting other emails, sales contacts, vendors, clients and strategic partners as they need it.

These are the most important features that your email service provider can offer you. It is important to know which of these features matter to you so that you can offer them to your employees.


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