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September 30, 2020
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A Brief History Of The Dell Computer Company

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Today in the world we live in you cannot go five minutes without picking up something that has a Dell ad on the cover of it. I mean really if you were to look everywhere they are advertising Dell like they are going out of business. I see them on the TV; they send you spam emails I mean if you were to think about it I think they are desperate for business even though they now own alien ware. That means that they will receive even less business. Dell to me is expensive like really, I was going to build a computer on the Dell website and I realized that I wasn't getting everything I wanted for $1500 so I was like there has got to be a better plan. So what I did was I got on Counterstrike and somebody had told me to go to so when I went to that site and saw the prices I reported back to Dell with so much complaining about how they were ripping people off but instead they weren't they are just building different models.

Dell just came out recently in the last 10 years so most of the old timers probably do not know about Dell.

In the process of making the Dell Company they came upon a grand idea. They would set them up on a custom built basis, which means that whenever someone would order a computer, they would be made to their specifications. That means that you would be making your own computer when you wanted to buy a new computer from Dell. You would go on the Dell website and then just start building your computer to however you wanted it. If you wanted a gaming computer you could get it but it was going to be like $5000.

Dell Computer company started in 1984 which is earlier then I had thought and they have been trying to come up with a good computer ever since. They have made some good computers like the one I am working on now but I just prefer AMD over Intel any day. I don't know why I just like it better and just do not like the Dell computer cases. You have to almost break them to get into to them to do work on them. If you do not open it up at perfect angles you are going to snap your case of the sliders and then you will not have a good case for your CPU.

Even though Dell is doing good on business doesn't mean that I like their computers but I do have to say I like how long my computer has lasted from Dell so far. I just ordered it like I wanted because 4 years ago I didn't know anything about so now that I know about them I just go to them and do whatever it is that I do. I either buy computer hardware or nothing from them even though they have the best prices.


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