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October 18, 2020
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Academy Bank - A Review Of The Services That Academy Offers

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What is the Academy Bank, and are they right for you? What kind of services do they offer, and how do they measure up with other banks around the area and the country?

First of all, they have locations in seventeen states around America, and are located on both the east and west coasts, and in the Midwest as well. For a complete list of their locations, just visit their website.

They offer both personal and business banking, as just about every bank does, and with their personal accounts, they have checking and savings account. In addition, they also have CD's and money market accounts, and a visa and ATM card to withdraw money when you need it. Finally, they offer loans, and basically any other financial service you will need.

While I am going to discuss some of their other services, one of their most popular features, just like any other bank, is the checking account, and here are some features they have with this.

Academy Bank actually has five different checking accounts for you to choose from, the free account, the regular, the interest bearing checking account, the classic account, and finally the student account. With the free account, they don't require you to keep any amount of money in it to keep it open, always a nice feature, and common among no charge accounts.

They also don't have service charges, they allow you to write as many checks as you want, they give you a no cost visa card for making payments with your bank account, and they have around the clock customer service, something you always want to look for as well.

Finally, if you prefer to do your banking via the net, as more and more people do today for the convenience, they offer this without any additional charges. In other words, everything you'd expect from a free account.

The regular Academy Bank account offers a lot of the same features, and a few additional ones. You need to keep at least three hundred dollars in it or you will have to pay a service charge, which is different from the free one.

The next one, the interest bearing Academy Bank account, requires that you keep at least five hundred dollars in it all the time, and if not, you will have to pay a service fee of seven fifty, obviously not the end of the world. The best thing about it is, you get interest on it, compounded each month.

Therefore, while it is a bit inconvenient to keep so much money in it, if you plan on using your bank account to hold a lot of money, this is probably your best bet, because at least you are making some additional money on it, albeit not a lot compared with other investments.

The classic Academy Bank checking account doesn't require any amount of money to be kept in it, and therefore doesn't have any service fees. It gives you the ability to write free cashier's checks and money orders, which the others don't, as well as free exclusive checks.


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